Semi-Framed Shower Screen

Featuring a rounded convex profile that is neat and tidy to the eye our Semi-Framed Showerscreen.

An affordable option is also available in our Integrity Semi-Framed style. This option is also available in our Fully-Framed Showerscreens. Why don't you check out our Photo Gallery for additional options.

Smooth, safe and quiet

With a smooth action door utilising a stainless steel pivot pin you can be sure of having a 'positive close'. Whisper quiet, the pivoting door has been designed with a built in lowering effect which reduces the gap between door and sill on closure meaning minimal water splashage outside the shower enclosure. The smooth contoured profiles mean minimal soap and residue can accumulate, making cleaning and maintenance so much easier.

With a 180° door swing possible, as well as an inward or outward opening choice, you have maximum use of your bathroom.
Designed specifically for use with toughened glass to comply with Australian Standards you are assured of a safe environment for your family.