Walshs Patterned Glass

With a delightful range of looks, Walshs Patterned Glass can be used in a variety of ways in your home. Perfect for partitioning, showerscreens, doors and sidelights it will attract attention and invite comment.For the more adventurous, decorative glass can be used in ways to make features out of everyday items. Consider it for a table top, for shelving, to create stylish balustrading or as part of leadlight features. Available in a range of thickness's from 3mm to 8mm (varies depending on pattern selected). Glass that is 4mm or more in thickness can be toughened.

Walshs Acid Etch

With European trends leading the way towards minimalist, pure forms, the satin, translucent look of Walshs Acid Etch allows you to stay at the forefront of innovation in this area. This float glass has been treated on one side with a high quality acid to achieve the satin finish. The process used ensures consistency in look. Perfect for internal use in kitchens, bathrooms and offices, or externally for facades, balconies and doors you are limited only by your imagination. Acid Etch is less susceptible to staining and can be supplied toughened, laminated or assembled into double glazed units. It is available in 4, 6, 10 and 12mm thickness's.

Patterned Glass

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Acid Etch