Mirrors serve so many purposes. In essence they allow us to see who we are. But they can also reflect our personality to those we invite into our home.

A Walshs Mirror is available in a selection of finishes to complement each and every space within your home. If you are looking for a traditional finish, consider selecting our Elite Framed Mirrror.

Or if you wish for a minimalist look in your home perhaps finishing your mirror with a bevelled edge is the perfect solution for you. Bevelling is available
in a large range of styles.

The more adventurous, seeking a unique style, should look no further than our unique EcoForm range, with its diversity of hand crafted borders.

Laminate Mirrors consist of a standard mirror with clear or tinted interlayers giving them superior safety qualities. They are the perfect solution for
use in schools, childcare centres, lifts and gymnasiums.

Walshs One Way Vision is a laminate that enables one way vision when required in special circumstances.

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